Corppass E-services

What is digital service access?

Digital service access’ refers to a user’s access to Government digital services on Corppass. User access to Government digital services is assigned and managed by the entity’s Corppass Administrator and / or Corppass Sub-Administrator.
Click here to view a listing of Government digital services onboard Corppass.

My entity’s users have Corppass but are not able to access digital services. What do I do? 

Check if the Corppass Administrator (Admin) or Sub-Administrator (Sub-Admin) has already assigned the digital service(s) to the users. To do so:a. On the menu bar > ‘e-Service’ > ‘Select Entity’s e-Services’, select the digital services that your entity transacts with from the list. You can also search for specific digital services by name, or filter a list of digital services by agency.

b. Assign selected digital services to specific user(s):

–   Search and select the user(s) you wish to assign digital service access to;-  From your entity’s pre-selected list of digital services, choose the specific digital services you wish to assign to selected users.
Note that Sub-Admin accounts with restricted access will only be able to set up and assign digital services within their Assignment Profile. After digital service access has been assigned to a user, certain digital services may still require additional details to be provided in order to transact with the digital service.
For more information, refer to Corppass User Guides on Manage and Assign Users’ Digital Service access.