Can I have 2 Corppass accounts?

Each Corppass account is tied to a single UEN entity. As such, you will not be able to manage multiple entities under one Corppass account.

How many Corppass can a company have?

An entity can have maximum of two Corppass Admins. Corppass Admins are responsible for initiating Corppass registration and managing the entity’s Corppass user accounts and digital services access.

If you are a Registered Officer (RO) without a Corppass account:There will be no impact to your entity’s Corppass accounts. However, you should update ACRA or your UEN-issuance agency on the change in RO.
If you are a Corppass Administrator (Admin):Terminate your Admin account. If you are the only Admin for your entity, help ensure that a replacement personnel creates a new Admin Account within 30 days of your account termination. Otherwise, your entity and all its user accounts will be suspended from Corppass and they will not be able to perform any Government-to-Business (G2B) transactions.
If you are a Corppass user (e.g. Sub-Admin, Enquiry User, or User):Contact your Admin to terminate your account.