Can a foreigner be a Corppass Admin?

Corppass administrator (Admin)

A Corppass admin has the authority by the RO to create Corppass accounts and manage access to digital services for that particular entity. Who can be a Corppass admin? The Corppass admin can be a person who manages Government-to-Business transactions on behalf of the company.

Example: Director of corporate services or any person that has been authorised by the RO.

Corppass Sub-Administrator (Sub-admin)

A sub-admin is a person who has been authorised by the Admin themself to assist with the managing of Corppass accounts on behalf of the entity. Sub-admin accounts can only be created by the admin, which do not require any kind of approval. The sub-admin can also create other accounts for users within that particular entity.

How to set up Corppass

To set up your Corppass, the entity has to appoint up to 2 Corppass Admins and follow 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Registration and approval

The appointed admin has to register for a Corppass admin account on the Corppass website here.

For Singapore registered entities: Your RO will have to approve the registration online by either using their Singpass or by using a Letter of Authorisation. At that time, your RO can choose to become an admin via an online registration that does not need approval.

For foreign-registered entities: You are required to show proof of entity registration and personal identification in your country. How can this be done? You need to upload your Business registration document and Identity document. From here, your online application will be processed by Corppass.

Step 2: Account creation

The admin can create other Corppass accounts and manager users access to digital services from there. Accounts that are created by the admin have to be activated in order to start transacting on behalf of the entity. This can be done by setting up Corppass IDs and passwords. The admin is responsible for managing and maintaining the Corppass accounts of an entity.

Watch the videos below to find out how you can activate your account for both Singpass holders and for non Singpass holders.

Next steps

If you are a Director/ Company Secretary and have a Singpass account, we do advise you to register and take up the role as a Corppass admin as this role allows access to transact with government agencies such as CPF, IRAS and more. If your company is new for example, 1 month old with both directors being foreigners, we can step in and take the Corppass admin role on your behalf. Do note however, if Sleek steps in, we can only grant up to the role of a sub-admin.