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Bestbrainz started out as a useful guide catalogue in 2013 which then morphed into a full fledge how to guide on almost every topic. In 2016, it became an online university with a main focus on developing and uploading content with the aim of accomplishing a task. If you wanted to learn how to do anything, bestbrainz had a step by step article for it. By the time users finished an article, they had in a sense gotten a certificate of know-how on a specific task.

In 2019, was acquired by Hexagon Soft LTD. Due to its large data it was turned into small meta search engine and the entire site was redesigned. After running the meta search engine for 3 years it was decided that besbrainz will revert back to being an open university as most of our loyal users didnt like our new design.

Currently bestbrainz is back to being an open university with a large database of useful content aimed solely at accomplishing a task. We hope to continue providing our users with useful information in an attempt to raise the general IQ of the world population. Welcome!

How it Works

Using stringent research methods , we gather data on information worth knowing. We then group this data into various categories and industries. Next, we get in touch with various experts based on the topic at hand and together , we develop a step by step process on how to accomplish a particular task. Say for example, you wanted to incresease your disposable income without increasing your salary or cashflow, how do you accomplish such a task? Bestbrainz turns the answer into a nice article available for free to all the people of the world.

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