CIDB registration fee

Registration Fees

How much must you pay?

Applications must be accompanied by proof of payment of administration fees (for all grades) as well as annual fees (for grades 2 and higher). A contractor applying for more than one grade in Grades 2 to 9 only needs to pay the annual fees for the highest grade, but is required to pay an admin fee per class of works applied for.

NB: Administration fee is non-refundable (for both compliant and non-compliant applications)

GradingUpper Limit ofAdmin Fee forAnnual Fees for
RangeApplied forDestination
 Tender ValueEach GradeHighest Grading
1R200 000R450 R-
2R650 000R450R250
3R2000 000R750R350
4R4000 000R750R900
5R6500 000R750R1750
6R13000 000R750R3500
7R40000 000R750R9000
8R130000 000R750R29000
9 No limitR750R55000

Method of payment

•Direct Deposit;

•Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT);

•Credit / Debit Card at the cidb Offices.

NB: Please note that the cidb does not accept cash payments and cheques over the counter.

Important note when making Electronic Funds Transfers and Direct Deposits

•Contractors already registered with the cidb should please use their registration number (CRS Number) as the reference.

•Contractors applying to be registered with the cidb for the first time should use their legal enterprise name as reference when making a payment.