CIDB grading calculator

CIDB grading calculator is used to determine your potential tender range when applying for your grading registration at the cidb


How long does it take to get registered?

By law the cidb must take no more than 21 working days to process a registration application for Grades 2 to 9. This period only applies to applications that are complete and comply with all the registration requirements for the grade being applied for.  ‘Complete’ means that the contractor has furnished the cidb with all documents required to process an application, as well as proof that the applicable fees have been paid. An application is compliant when it meets all the documentary requirements to qualify for assessment in the grade that the contractor is applying for. 

Where an application is non-compliant the law allows the cidb to give the contractor a maximum of 60 days to furnish the outstanding documentation. If the contractor fails to supply the required information within the 60 day grace period the cidb will proceed to assess the application and assign a grade on the basis of the information at its disposal.

The 21 working days are calculated from the date on which the cidb received the outstanding documentation, not the date on which the application was originally received.

The above application timeframes apply also to renewal of registration and upgrades. It is therefore important to keep these turnaround periods in mind when applying for renewal and upgrades. 

Grade 1 applications take 48 hours to process and for registration to reflect on the cidb website.