CIDB documents

A guide to compliance

Always ensure that your supporting documents are not outdated or invalid. A certified copy must always have an original stamp and signature of the commissioner of oaths.

To enable the cidb to process applications timeously, please ensure that your application is accompanied by all documents required for the specific grade for which you are applying and the correct particulars are provided.

Applications for Grade 1

The required documents for registration are:

•A completed grade 1 application form;

•Originally certified ID copies of all principles up to a maximum of 20;

•The company registration documents;

•A valid original tax clearance certificate;

•Proof of payment of R450.00 registration fee per class of works applied for;

•For EB Class of Works, please attach an originally certified copy of an Electrical Contractor’s Certificate issued in the name of the company.

Grade 1 registration only requires a renewal after three years. Annual fee is not applicable for Grade 1 contractors.

Applications for Grade 2 to 9

Contractors applying for Grade 2 to 9 are required to submit the following documents:

•Application form: CRS F007;

•Proof of payment for registration;

•Company registration documents;

•Originally certified ID copies of all principals up to a maximum of 20;

•Valid Tax clearance certificate;

•Financial Statements for the two years immediately preceding the application.

•All applications from Grade 3 and above must be accompanied by financial statements prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP) and/or the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and must be certified by a person registered with a professional institution;

•Grade 2 applications do not require Financial Statements but require a track record of at least R130 000.00;

•Track record documents for a contract completed in the last 5 years for each class applied for including:

oLetter of award;

oCertificate of Completion (Practical/Final Delivery);

o Final / Latest payment certificate.

•Certificates for Registered Professionals employed (as per grade applied for);

•For EB Class of Works, please attach an originally certified copy of an Electrical Contractor’s Certificate issued in the name of the company.

Foreign Companies

In addition to the above requirements for Grade 2 to 9, foreign companies must ensure that:

•The information provided is translated into English.

•All foreign companies must maintain an office in South Africa and must a have a registered physical address in South Africa.

Annual Updates

Contractors registered in Grade 2 to 9 will be required to confirm their particulars and pay the annual fees each year on the anniversary of their registration.

3 Year Renewals

Registration is valid for a period of three years. A registered contractor must apply for renewal three months before the existing registration expires. Contractors’ whose grading has not been renewed on the date of expiry will be removed from the register.

Exemptions from the Register

Joint Ventures

There is no need to register a joint venture (JV). However, each partner in the JV must be registered separately. The grade of the JV can be determined using the JV calculator which can be found on the cidb website.

Home builders

Home builders registered with the NHBRC do not need to register with the cidb unless they also wish to tender for other types of public sector construction work.

Labour only Contractors

Contractors who are provided with the bulk of construction material by the client should not register.

Where to register

Application forms together with the supporting documents may be submitted to your nearest cidb Provincial Office. These offices are operating in all 9 provinces around the country for contractors’ convenience, easy access and support.

For further information, please refer to the contractor registration form and detailed Guide for Contractor Registration.

In addition to this, the cidb has established a national call centre that enables contractors to track the progress of their applications and lodge their queries. The call centre is accessible on 086 100 2432, further information can also be obtained on