CIDB grade ranges

A CIDB grade is determined by the contractor’s financial capability and your works capability. This enables the Public Sector, Private Sector and the Public in general to access a contractor’s ability to undertake a respective project.

Contractors may enlist the help of the cidb Grading Calculator to estimate more realistically which grading they may potentially qualify for. The cidb will however assess and determine a grade based on the strength of the application as well as the supporting documentation submitted.

A grade denotes maximum value of a contract the contractor is deemed capable of performing within a particular class of works. When applying for registration the contractor must indicate not only the grading level applied for, but also the class (or classes) of works they wish to register for. 

Maximum value of contracts in the different grades:

GRADETender value range (less than or equal to)
2R650 000
3R2 000 000
4R4 000 000
5R6 500 000
6R13 000 000
7R40 000 000
8R130 000 000
9No limit