Anchorlite College Fees

Anchorlite College Sa is a private school, a quintile NOT APPLICABLE and a Fee Paying school. However, a learner cannot be excluded from participation in any official school programmes due to non-payment of school fees and may not retain a learner’s report due to unpaid school fees.

Parents who cannot afford to pay school fees must apply to the SGB for conditional, partial or full exemption from paying school fees.

Quantile levels and their meanings:

  • Quintile 1, 2 & 3 have been declared no-fee schools, they get funding ofR1,177 per learner from The Department of Education.
  • Quintiles 4 schools receive R590 per learner, hence they are fee-paying schools and,
  • Quantile 5 are also fee-paying schools as they receive ZAR204.00 only, so they can’t afford to run the school with government funds alone. (Xala,2018).

Back to Anchorlite College Sa fees, fora full academic year per pupil, including an initial deposit, you can contact the school.

This might not include textbook costs or other subject fees. Fees can be paid monthly but should the parent elect to pay in up front in full, then there are discounts of between 3% and 10% depending on how payment is processed.