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If you cannot find your chosen school on the lists provided, please apply at the school.

For more information contact your local school or nearest Education District Office.W

Learner Enrolment FAQ

How do I get my child enrolled in a school of my choice?

Apply early. Don’t wait till the last day.
Apply to more than one school.
Know the law/check the school’s Admission Policy.

What is the admission age for Grade 1?

Compulsory school-going age (Grade 1) is 7 years in the year that the child is in Grade 1.
Admission to Grade R is 6 years in the year that the child is in Grade R.

What documents are required to register a child at a public school?

  • Birth certificate.
  • Immunisation card.
  • A transfer card/letter.
  • Last school report card for learners who have been to school.
  • A study permit issued by Home Affairs for foreign learners.

A child may be registered provisionally if these documents are not available. The parent must be given reasonable time to submit them.

Is it important to enrol for Grade R?

Yes. Early childhood development assists learners to cope better later on in their school careers.

Can a child be refused permission if they do not live in a school’s feeder zone?

The WCED has not declared any feeder zones/areas.C

Can schools charge a non-refundable deposit before accepting learner?

No. Schools may not charge a fee before accepting a learner.

Where do parents go if they do not find a place?

Head Office

Lance Abrahams
Tel: 021 467 2000

Redewan Larney
Tel: 021 467 2000