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What is annual returns?

All companies (including external companies) and close corporations are required by law to file their annual returns with the CIPC on an annual basis, within a prescribed time period. The purpose for the filing of such annual returns is to confirm whether a company or close corporation is still in business/trading, or if it will be in business in the near future.  The annual return may be regarded as a type of annual “renewal” of the company or close corporation registration.

Therefore, if annual returns are not filed within the prescribed time period, the assumption is that the company or close corporation is inactive, and as such CIPC will start the deregistration process to remove the company or close corporation from its active records. The legal effect of the deregistration process is that the juristic personality is withdrawn and the company or close corporation ceases to exist.   

Will my personal detail as a director or member be disclosed on the annual return?

Due to security concerns relating to the disclosure of personal information CIPC has affected the following changes relating to annual returns:

  • Only the first 6 digits of a director’s or member’s identity number will be displayed; and
  • The annual return filing certificate will not display the identity number, personal address, or contact details of a director or member.

Can annual returns be filed manually?

No.  Annual returns can only be filed electronically via the CIPC Annual Return Website or CIPC Self Service Terminal.  It should be noted that the CIPC Annual Return Website is mobile and tablet enables and therefore the annual return can be filed using a smart phone or tablet.