Teachers Assistant Application Now Open

You need to stay up to date with what’s happening at sayouth.mobi as they have details of many great internships and junior job programmes. One example of the programmes they run in the teachers assistant programme which is part of the President’s Youth Initiative. You can login to your sayouth.mobi web profile and register there for sayouth.mobi jobs and other opportunities. We have full details on how to do that. Read the latest details about the teachers assistant programme and other jobs below. 

Do you want to apply for the Teachers Assistant jobs that are open now for applications? Well the full details are available below.

How To Apply for School Assistant Jobs Using SAYouth

Do you want to apply for the Teachers Assistant jobs? Well applications opened today (26th September) so you can apply now for these jobs! Here’s a step by step guide to help you apply for school assistant jobs through the Basic Education Employment Initiative to become a Schools Assistant using SAYouth.mobi.

Are you wanting to apply to become a school assistant or a teacher assistant as part of the Basic Education Employment Initiative?

Applications for the Teachers Assistant positions opened on the 26th September 2022. You must apply now so you don’t miss out.

Make sure that you apply on the SAYouth.Mobi website and not on a fake website.

Here’s how.

  1. Go to the SAYouth website
  2. Register an account
  3. Log in with your details
  4. In the search bar, you should type ‘school assistant’ or search for the name of the school closest to you
  5. A list of jobs available in your area will come up which will also include the opportunity cards for the schools that are closest to you. Only apply at schools that you have easy access to
  6. Click the ‘read more’ button which would enable you to see further details about the job
  7. If you are interested in the opportunity, click ‘apply now’
  8. Follow the prompts and provide the relevant information to complete your application
  9. You will then receive confirmation that your application has been successful

Should you be shortlisted, you will be contacted through SMS or a phone call by the school.

If you’re given an interview, bring the following documents with you:

  • Certified copy of ID
  • Matric certificate or other NQF 4 or higher proof of qualification
  • CV
  • Testimonial letter


The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has advised qualifying candidates to submit their Phase 4 applications for the Education Assistants programme.

The initiative, which has so far spanned three phases, was introduced as part of the government’s effort to provide a chance for the young people to gain skills as well as  meaningful work experience.

In order to qualify for the PYEI teacher assistant program applicants must meet the requirements outlined below:

  1. Be a South African resident aged between 18 – 34 years old. 
  2. Live within 5km of an urban school or within 30km of a rural/farm school.
  3. Be anyone who did not participate in any of the previous Phases. 

More than 200 000 vacancy posts to become an education or general school assistant at schools through will be made available.

Those applying for teaching assistant positions must also have minimum requirement of a matric certificate, however preference will be given to those who hold tertiary education qualifications, especially in Education. 

However, those who wish to apply to become general school assistants do not need a matric certificate.

Participating candidates employed during Phase Four will receive a stipend of R4081. 44 per month. During February and March of 2023, stipends will be paid from unspent funds left over from the previous phase.

The department has also pointed out that all applications must be done online and not at any schools. Successful applicants will undergo orientation and online training in December 2022 and the first two weeks of January 2023.