How do I appoint a tax agent on Corppass?

Step 1 – Details required:

  1. Your entity’s UEN
  2. Last 5 digits of your RO’s identity number 
  3. Your RO’s email address 

RO – Registered officer is the person whose name are officially registered with ACRA include Partner, Director and Corporate Secretary

RO can choose to be CorPass Admin (CPA) or appoint maximum of 2 CPA per entity

CPA manage access to digital services for the entity, able create user (authorise staff) to transact with Government agencies and authorise third party (tax agent) to access digital services of the entity

Step 2 – Set up your CorpPass Admin account: 

Set up your CorpPass Admin account and create CorpPass User account(s) if you have not done so. 

1. Click ‘Register as a CorpPass Admin’ at
2. You will be redirected to the SingPass login page. Enter your SingPass ID & Password, then click ‘Login’.
3. Arrive at 2FA verification page. You can choose between two verification methods – SMS OTP & Token OTP.
4. Fill up require details for CorpPass Admin account registration
– Input entity UEN.
– Enter the contact details (email address & mobile number) you wish to register on CorpPass.
– Enter a CorpPass ID and the password of your choice.
– Re-enter your password in the ‘Confirm Password’ box
5. Review your registration details, read and agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions’, then click ‘Submit’.

Step 3 – Authorise third party

1. Log in with your UEN / Entity ID, CorpPass ID and Password at
2. Arrive at your homepage. Under the ‘Third Party’ tab, click the ‘Authorise Third Party Entities’ box.
3. Search for the Third Party Entity you wish to authorise digital service access to using the Third Party Entity’s UEN or Entity Name.
4. Select the Third Party Entity you would like to assign Third Party authorisation to, then click ‘Next’.
5. View the list of digital services that can be authorised to Third Party Entities.
6. Select the digital services you would like to authorise your selected Third Party Entity, then click ‘Next’.
7. Selected digital services may require you to enter additional details such as roles, sub-UEN, etc.
8. Review details of the authorisation, then click ‘Submit’.