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How do I verify someone else’s SAICA membership?

To verify SAICA membership or associateship online, please click here and enter the person’s surname (and initials if known).

Please complete the Member Number and/or First Name(s) and/or Surname fields to verify membership status against the SAICA database of members.

You can also enter only the first few letters of the First Name and/or Surname and the search will display all relevant results.

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If you are looking for a SAICA member [CA(SA)] or associate [AGA(SA) or AT(SA)] in your area who can help you to prepare a business plan, obtain finance and structure your new business; or help with any accountancy related work from tax and estate planning to the preparation of monthly management accounts, please click on the search facility below and a listing in small and medium-sized practices in various areas will be displayed.

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