ITC Examinations

Initial Test of Competence (ITC)

The Initial Test of Competence (ITC) is the standard-setting exam which is written after the completion of an accredited PGDA programme and is an assessment of core technical competence. To be eligible to write this exam a candidate must hold a PGDA that has been accredited by SAICA.

ITC exam format or eligibility

A candidate is eligible to sit for the ITC for a period of three consecutive years. This starts the year after the date on which the SAICA accredited post-graduate qualification was attained by the candidate (for even if the supplementary exam result was received in 2020, the qualification was still received for 2019).

Step-by-Step guidance for Online exam registration

Step 1
Determine if you already have a 8 digit SAICA Profile number.
Examples of candidates with a SAICA profile number (SAICA ID), are candidates with a training contract or candidates who have written the ITC in previous years or candidates who have attended a SAICA seminar/event previously .

If you are not sure if you have a SAICA ID, do not create another profile.
Contact the SAICA call centre at 08610 (SAICA)72422 or +27 11 621 6600, if you are not sure or have forgotton your unique 8 digit SAICA ID number/login details. Call centre staff can confirm if you have and reset your login.

Alternatively you can click on “Forgot your password?”, complete the screen and get a new one emailed to you.
It is important that we have your correct email address for this facility.
You can also email or to assist with your login details.

Avoid making these mistakes when you create a profile
Your profile will cause errors in this regard.

  1. Do not type a middle name (if any) in the same space as your first name. (You can add a middle name in step 4)
  2. “Last name” field is for your surname
  3. Do not add spaces or a full stop . in any field
  4. Double check your ID for correctness
  5. Double check your E‐Mail for correctness
    When you log into your created account and complete STEP 4 (personal details)
  6. Name; middle name/s and surname
    a. Prefix is for selecting your title e.g. Mr
    b. You can only add one middle name; please do not duplicate your first name or surname in this field
    c. Do not add spaces or a full stop . in any field
  7. Identity number
    a. Double check your ID for correctness
    b. Make sure select the correct year of birth to correspond with your ID
    STEP 5 (address details)
  8. If you do not have a separate postal address but you have street delivery you can duplicate your street address (Physical address) in the postal address
    fields; otherwise leave it completely blank
  9. If you do have a separate postal address you need to type the words P O BOX in the first line before your box number when you complete line 1
  10. No not type N/A in any field
  11. Do not use a full stop or coma . , in any field
  12. Only add a postal code in the postal code field; do not repeat it in other lines

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