Manage your membership

As a member, you can use the Member Portal to log and track queries with SAICA, eliminating the need to call the Contact Centre or send an email. You can log queries related to the following:

  • CIPC operational
  • Creditors
  • Education
  • Ethics and discipline
  • Marketing
  • My CPD
  • SAICA initiatives
  • SARS operational
  • Seminars and events
  • Tax practitioner administration
  • Technical queries
  • Training area

The difference between the member portal and website logon

  • The Member Portal requires an email-based login. As a result, Member Portal login details can only be used to login to the Member Portal and cannot be used to login to the SAICA website. To login to the Member Portal, you use your email address and password for the Member Portal that you provided when you signed up for login details. If you don’t have Member Portal login details, you can obtain them by following the steps below:
    • Find the Member Portal tab at the top right of the SAICA home page; or
    • Follow the direct Member Portal link:
    • Click on Sign Up, complete the details required and complete the next steps indicated
    • Note: if you have completed SAICA articles (learner-ship) or the qualifying examinations or you previously booked an event with us or are an ex-member or an ex-associate, then you have an existing online profile that you need to use to access the Member Portal. Your email address when signing up needs to be the email address SAICA has on its database
  • The SAICA transactional website requires an ID based login for transactional elements. As a result, login details can only be used to perform transactions. You will be directed from the SAICA website to the transactional site via links. The transactional website credentials cannot be used to login to the Member Portal. You would be able to access the following transactional functions:
  • Book for an event
  • Getting your exam results
  • Make a payment
  • Find a training office
  • Pledge to Thuthuka
  • Committees
  • Legal updates
  • eIFRS platform
  • Companies Act Guide
  • Newsletter signup

For more information on why we have two separate logon credentials for the Member Portal and, please visit our Ushintsho webpage.

Pay or renew your membership subscription

Members will be able to apply for membership via the Member Portal. This new electronic process will reduce the processing times of new member applications, thereby improving the new member experience.

Members will also be able to view the status of their online membership application.

Existing members can visit their profile to renew their membership annually.

Cancel your membership

If you would like to cancel your membership it can be done via the Member Portal.

Once you’ve signed in, you can go to your profile, select manage membership and the option to resign can be selected.

Long service membership

Long service membership or associateship of SAICA is granted to:

  • All members or associates with 40 years of continuous membership, in good standing
  • Members or associates aged 65 or older, with 25 years’ continuous membership, in good standing

The member or associate is not required to make any application. SAICA’s membership unit compiles an annual list of eligible members from the SAICA database, and forwards the lists to the relevant regional offices.

Regional Councils have the discretion to refuse an application for election to long service membership or associateship, and no application will be processed without the prior approval of the regional council.

Members and associates who qualify for long service membership will be sent a letter from SAICA, informing them that the LSM status has been granted.

To make a payment

To make a payment towards outstanding orders, membership or payments for seminars and events.

* Please use your SAICA website login credentials to login and make a payment.

Make a payment