Comprehensive Guide to the Private Security Sector Provident Fund (PSSPF) in South Africa

The Private Security Sector Provident Fund (PSSPF) is a retirement savings fund specifically for employees in South Africa’s private security sector. This guide provides detailed information on various aspects of the PSSPF, including checking your fund balance, claiming benefits, and managing your account.

1. Overview of PSSPF


  • The PSSPF is designed to provide retirement, disability, death, and withdrawal benefits to employees in the private security industry.


  • Mandatory for all employees in the private security sector as per industry agreements.
  • Contributions are made by both employees and employers.


  • Retirement benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Withdrawal benefits

2. How Does PSSPF Work?


  • Both employees and employers contribute a percentage of the employee’s salary to the fund.
  • The contributions accumulate over time and are invested to grow the fund.

Retirement Benefits:

  • Members can claim their retirement benefits upon reaching the retirement age, typically 55 or as specified by the fund rules.
  • Benefits can be taken as a lump sum, a monthly pension, or a combination of both.

Other Benefits:

  • Disability Benefits: Payable if a member becomes permanently disabled.
  • Death Benefits: Payable to the member’s nominated beneficiaries if the member passes away.
  • Withdrawal Benefits: Payable if a member leaves the employment before retirement age.

3. How to Check Your PSSPF Balance

Checking Your Balance Online:

  1. Visit the PSSPF Website: Go to the official PSSPF website.
  2. Member Portal: Access the member portal by logging in with your credentials. If you haven’t registered, you’ll need to create an account using your fund membership number and personal details.

Using the PSSPF Mobile App:

  1. Download the App: Download the official PSSPF mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Login: Use your registered username and password to log in.
  3. Balance Check: Navigate to the balance check section to view your current provident fund balance.

SMS Balance Inquiry:

  • Send SMS: Some provident funds offer an SMS service. Check if PSSPF provides this by visiting their website or contacting customer service.

Contact Customer Service:

  • Phone: Call the PSSPF customer service helpline for balance inquiries.
  • Email: Email your inquiry to the PSSPF support team.

4. How to Claim Your PSSPF Benefits

Retirement Claim:

  1. Obtain Claim Form: Download the retirement claim form from the PSSPF website or collect it from your employer.
  2. Complete the Form: Fill in the required details accurately.
  3. Submit the Form: Submit the completed form along with necessary documentation (ID, proof of age, bank details) to your employer or directly to the PSSPF office.

Disability Claim:

  1. Medical Assessment: Undergo a medical assessment to confirm the disability.
  2. Complete Disability Claim Form: Download and fill out the disability claim form.
  3. Submit Documentation: Submit the form along with medical reports and other required documents.

Death Claim:

  1. Notify PSSPF: Notify the PSSPF of the member’s death.
  2. Complete Death Claim Form: Obtain and fill out the death claim form.
  3. Submit Documents: Submit the form along with the death certificate, ID of the deceased, and beneficiary details.

Withdrawal Claim:

  1. Complete Withdrawal Form: Download and fill out the withdrawal claim form if leaving employment before retirement age.
  2. Submit the Form: Submit the completed form and required documents to the PSSPF.

5. How to Check Your Provident Fund Claim Status

Online Status Check:

  • Login to Member Portal: Use the PSSPF website’s member portal.
  • Check Claim Status: Navigate to the claim status section to view the progress of your claim.

Customer Service Inquiry:

  • Phone: Call the PSSPF helpline to inquire about the status of your claim.
  • Email: Send an email inquiry with your claim details.

6. How to Check for Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed Funds Inquiry:

  1. Visit the PSSPF Website: Check if there is a section dedicated to unclaimed benefits.
  2. Submit Inquiry: Use the provided forms or contact details to inquire about any unclaimed funds.

Contact Customer Service:

  • Phone or Email: Reach out to PSSPF customer service for assistance with unclaimed funds.

7. Mobile and Online Provident Fund Management

Checking Your Balance on Your Phone:

  • Mobile App: Use the official PSSPF mobile app for balance checks and account management.
  • SMS Service: If available, use the SMS service to get balance updates.
  • Mobile Website: Access the PSSPF website on your mobile browser for balance inquiries.

Public Provident Fund Balance:

  • While PSSPF is specific to the private security sector, public provident fund balances can be checked using the respective fund’s website or mobile app provided by the government.

8. Contact Details for PSSPF

Customer Service Helpline:

  • Phone: 0861 177 773 (Check the PSSPF website for updated contact numbers)


  • General Inquiries:
  • Claims:

Physical Address:

  • Main Office: Check the PSSPF website for the current physical address and regional office details.



The Private Security Sector Provident Fund (PSSPF) provides vital retirement and related benefits to employees in South Africa’s private security sector. Understanding how to manage your provident fund, check balances, and claim benefits is crucial for securing your financial future. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, always refer to the official PSSPF website and contact their customer service directly.