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The SCM ICT team in the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO), visited national and provincial departments during April and May 2016 to find out which challenges they faced and to offer help. This team listed the frequently asked questions. The answers are below.

For practical reasons, we have grouped questions together in themes. Therefore, if you do not see your specific question here, please look for the answer to a similar question.

Please note that quite a number of the questions directed at the team are answered in various documents on the CSD website.

Procurement reform and modernisation is a highly dynamic process. This means that things do change regularly, as we are constantly working on improvements to the systems. We also take into account the helpful suggestions made by departments. Hopefully you will soon see a change that you asked for!

Important notice: Please read SCM Instruction 4A of 2016/2017, Central Supplier Database,

issued on 25 May 2016, which takes effect from 1 July 2016. You can find it here: Instruction 4A of 2016/2017.

Central Supplier Database (CSD) Support

Q:What support can I, as a SCM practitioner, get from the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) and Supply Chain Management ICT?

Website: As a first stop, we strongly suggest that you look at the resources available on the website, at www.csd.gov.za and www.etender.gov.za.

User guide: The User Guide, as well as other useful documents, is available at http://ocpo.treasury.gov.za/Buyers_Area/Pages/Supplier-Management.aspx.Scroll down to the heading: “Documents” and look for the document that suits your needs.

Provincial Treasuries: Each Provincial Treasury also has a call centre to help you. You can get

their contact details here: https://secure.csd.gov.za/Feedback/FeedbackAddGo to this page and scroll down to the contacts. The Provincial Treasury contact details are also on the last page of this document. We recommend that you ask your provincial treasury for help before you call the National Treasury. The National Treasury call centre number is 012 406 9222.

The National Treasury walk-in centre is situated at 240 Madiba Street, Pretoria.

The resources indicated above are for all users. There is no specific allocation of CSD staff to deal with specific departments or organs of state. Please send business supportqueries to business.support@CSD.gov.za

The National Treasury provides training for users in organs of state. Please send training requests to pollet.seerane@treasury.gov.za.

For technical training, please contact Lani Coetzee: Lani.Coetzee@accenture.com.