What is HCLMS?

BRIEF SUMMARY:Implementation of the Human Capital – Leave Management System
1.In order to improve access to information and to improve service delivery, the department identified the need for a system to support human capital management related issues. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has, therefore, developed the HC-LMS, a management information system to assist principals and managers with staff matters. The HC-LMS has been designed to display current employee information, as captured on Persal.
2.The data to be reflected in the HC-LMS will be downloaded weekly from Persal. Principals and managers will be able to log into the system to view progress in respect of matters referred to the Human Capital directorates at Head Office. Communication will be enhanced, as principals and managers will be able to send messages or enquiries on the HC-LMS system.
3.The areas of leave, employee attendance, paysheet control and the tracking of contract appointments have been selected as the critical areas that must be addressed by the HC-LMS.Details in this regard are as follows:
3.1Leave ManagementPrincipals and managers will be able to view the leave information of all their staff (educators and public service staff). With regard to incapacity leave, and ill-health retirement cases in particular, principals and managers will also be in a position to monitor the progress of these applications. Head Office, in return, will be able to request outstanding documentation from principals or managers via the HC-LMS.
3.2Employee Attendance RegisterIt will be expected of principals and managers to capture the attendance of all staff on the system. It is compulsory for principals and managers to complete the attendance register daily on the HC-LMS. A cut-off time of 10:00 on a particular day (must) be implemented in due course in respect of the daily capturing of the attendance of employees to increase the effectiveness of the system. This will allow all managers at the different levels to have a complete overview of attendance throughout the system.The register will provide for the following options:Scheduled absence (where the employee has obtained prior approval/ permission for an absence, late arrival, early departure, etc.)Unscheduled absence (where the employee has not made prior arrangements for an absence)Late, with prior approval (where the employee informs the institution in advance of a late-coming)Late, without prior approval (where the employee did not inform the institution in advance of a late-coming)
3.3Pay Sheet ControlThis is a management tool specifically designed for the Directorate: Accounting Services to monitor the return of paysheets to Head Office. Head Office will now be able to send messages to schools on the HC-LMS with regard to outstanding paysheets. Principals and managers will be able to respond with a message on the HC-LMS once they have complied with the request or enquiry.
3.4Contract Appointment TrackingPrincipals and managers will be able to use the HC-LMS to monitor progress with the processing of appointments or arrangement of salary payments to educators on contract after submission of nomination forms. Head Office will be able to send messages to schools if any of the required documentation has not been submitted.
4.Access to the HC-LMS web site is obtained in the following way:Go to the Internet browser (6 or 7) and type “lms.wcape.gov.za”The log-in screen will appear.Type in your Persal number and the word “password”.Press the Submit button.The system will prompt you to change your password.It will then request you to confirm the new password.Then press the Submit button.Provided you have the approved access status, e.g. principal or manager, you will have access to all your staff’s records.If you log in as a general user, you will have access to only your personal information.If you log in as a system administrator, i.e. managers at Head Office, you will have access to the records of all personnel at Head Office, district offices and schools.Note: Principals and managers are requested to capture the attendance of staff with retrospective effect from 1 July 2008.
5.Registration on the HC-LMSInitially, only principals will be registered on the HC-LMS after completing a registration form signed by the circuit manager. After receipt of the completed registration form, the system administrator at Head Office will register the principal on the HC-LMS and then inform that principal of the granting of access to the system.Public service staff (supervisors) will be registered on the HC-LMS by completing the registration form signed by a line manager.Except for the staff attendance register, principals and managers will not be able to change any data on the HC-LMS. However, a message and enquiry system will be available so that the systems administrator at Head Office can be requested to make changes.
6.HelpdeskThe HC-LMS has a helpdesk to assist principals and managers to use the system more effectively. The helpdesk telephone numbers are 021 467 2155, 021 467 2072, 021 467 2046, 021 467 2047 and 021 467 2751.The e-mail address of the HC-LMS is as follows: hclms@pgwc.gov.za.A complete guide to the HC-LMS and its use appears on the log-in screen.
7.Principals and managers are requested to bring the contents of this minute to the attention of all employees, including those on leave. Principals are also requested to ensure that a copy of this document is given to the chairperson of the school’s governing body.
8.It is trusted that principals and managers will find the HC-LMS a valuable tool with regard to HR management. Colleagues are most welcome to submit inputs or comments with regard to the HC-LMS and the further refinement thereof.