How to recover Apple ID without phone number or trusted device?

Recovering your Apple ID without access to a phone number or a trusted device can be challenging, but Apple provides options to help you regain access. This guide outlines steps you can take to recover your Apple ID under these circumstances.

Step 1: Use Apple’s Account Recovery Website

Navigate to

  • Open any web browser on any device and go to This website is designed for Apple ID account recovery.

Enter Your Apple ID

  • Type in your Apple ID, which is usually the email address associated with your account. If you don’t remember your Apple ID, you can click on the “Look it up” link and provide your first name, last name, and email address to search for it.

Step 2: Attempt to Use Other Account Recovery Options

If you can’t use a phone number or trusted device, the website might offer you alternative ways to verify your identity, depending on the account security settings you have previously set.

Answer Security Questions

  • If you have set up security questions, you might be asked to answer them. Be prepared with accurate answers to the questions you selected when you first created your account or last updated your security settings.

Email Verification

  • Apple might offer to send a verification email to your primary or rescue email address. Check your email inbox, including any spam or junk folders, for an email from Apple. Follow the instructions contained in the email to proceed with the recovery process.

Step 3: Request Account Recovery

If the above options are unavailable or unsuccessful, you may need to request account recovery from Apple. This is a last-resort process that Apple uses to ensure that you’re the rightful owner of the account before granting access.

Initiate Account Recovery

  • On the website, look for an option that says “Request Account Recovery” or indicates a way to proceed if you can’t access any of your trusted devices or phone numbers.
  • Follow the prompts to enter additional information that can help Apple verify your identity. This may include answering security questions or entering information about your account usage, such as recent purchases or billing details.

Wait for Account Recovery to Complete

  • Account recovery might take several days. Apple will attempt to verify the information you provided and may contact you with further instructions or questions.
  • You’ll likely be given a confirmation number or a way to check the status of your recovery request. Keep this information safe as it will be crucial for following up on your request.

Step 4: Follow Up on Your Recovery Request

Check Your Email Regularly

  • Apple will communicate with you through email regarding your account recovery process. Make sure to check your inbox regularly for any messages from Apple.

Be Patient and Responsive

  • Account recovery is a process that takes time, especially since Apple prioritizes account security and needs to ensure that the request is legitimate. Be patient but ready to provide additional information if Apple contacts you.

Step 5: Update Your Account Security

Once you regain access to your Apple ID, take immediate steps to update your account security settings.

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

  • If possible, set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for your Apple ID. 2FA adds an extra layer of security and can make it easier to recover your account in the future.

Update Your Trusted Phone Number

  • Even if you didn’t have access to a trusted phone number for this recovery process, consider adding a current phone number to your account as soon as you regain access.

Review Your Security Questions and Email Addresses

  • Make sure your security questions are up to date and that you have access to the email addresses associated with your Apple ID. Consider adding a rescue email if you haven’t done so already.

Tips for the Future

  • Regularly Review Your Account Settings: Make it a habit to check your Apple ID account settings regularly to ensure that all information is current and that you have access to the recovery options listed.
  • Document Important Information: Securely document important account information, such as your Apple ID, the email addresses associated with it, and your security questions and answers, in case you need them for future recovery attempts.

Recovering an Apple ID without access to a phone number or trusted device requires patience and thoroughness. Following these steps will guide you through the process and help ensure you can regain access to your account.