What is SPC&U card?

What is the SPC&U programme?

  • The SPC&U programme rewards SPC customers with instant discounts without the usual mandatory requirement of registration. There is no need for accumulation of purchases or points. Registering your card on our online members’ portal however will enable you to enjoy the full benefits of the SPC&U programme.

What is the SPC&U card?

  • The SPC&U card is a contactless card that gives instant member’s discounts. When you go further by registering your SPC&U card online and pump with SPC, you could be rewarded with e-coupons stored in your registered membership account for use when making purchase at SPC service station. With e-coupons, there is no need to remember to bring along physical vouchers or worry they may go missing.

How do I get the SPC&U card?

  • Visit any of our SPC service stations and approach our cashiers to obtain an SPC&U card for the activation of your SPC&U account.

What else must I do after getting my SPC&U card?

  • We strongly recommend that you register your SPC&U card at our online members’ portal immediately to enjoy full benefits of your SPC&U card.

What are the full benefits if I am a registered SPC&U member?

  • Registering your SPC&U card entitles you to benefits such as:
    • Receiving instant SPC&U card discount
    • Members’ treats
    • Participation in attractive programmes
    • Participation in members’ only events which may be organized from time to time
    • Receiving e-coupons (where applicable)

How do I register my SPC&U card?

  • To register your SPC&U card, you will need to go into the SPC&U members’ portal. There are 2 ways which you may access the SPC&U members’ portal:
    • scan the QR code on the SPC&U card with your mobile devices (mobile phone or tablet), or
    • visit “www.spc.com.sg/members” using your personal computer or mobile devices.
  • For new registrations, you will need to enter your User ID (DDMMYYNNN – date month year of your birth date and last 3 digits of your NRIC number), and the 16 digit SPC&U card number as your first time login password. Thereafter, please follow the on-screen guide to complete the registration

How do I receive e-coupons?

  • Issuance of e-coupons is subject to the sole discretion of SPC, based on the various marketing promotions organised by SPC. All decisions made by SPC in respect to SPC&U member’s eligibility to receive e-coupons are final. SPC will not entertain any appeal, claim, correspondence or query on a SPC&U member’s eligibility to receive e-coupons.