How do I pass the HR interview?

How to prepare for an HR interview If you’ve got your meeting arranged, congrats! Here’s how to prepare for an HR interview. Examples of HR interview questions Below are some examples of common HR interview questions you may encounter and sample answers you can use to guide your own. 1. Sample question: Why are you … Read more

What a human resource manager does?

Job brief We are looking for an HR Manager to oversee all aspects of human resources practices and processes. What is an HR Manager? To us, an HR Manager is the go-to person for all employee-related issues. This means that your HR Manager duties will involve managing activities such as job design, recruitment, employee relations, performance … Read more

How do I become a credit manager?

When it comes to how to become a credit manager, the first thing that they should know about are the credit manager skills. Some of the essential credit manager skills we have mentioned below. Decision-Making Skills: Individuals who opt for a career as Credit Managers are required to review the credit scores of their potential customers … Read more

What do finance managers do?

 Financial managers generally oversee the financial health of an organization and help ensure its continued viability. They supervise important functions, such as monitoring cash flow, determining profitability, managing expenses and producing accurate financial information. Whether charged with oversight of an entire financial operation or a specific aspect of finance, such as credit or risk management, … Read more

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What is an internal audit manager?

What Is an Internal Audit Manager? An internal audit manager oversees audits conducted within a company for compliance. As an internal audit manager, you support the auditing team on a variety of internal audits, including financial, operational, and management review. You follow standard auditing procedure and ensure practices align with financial risk management best practices. … Read more

How do I register for a tender?

Step 1: Find Government Tenders relevant to your business The first thing you need to do is find a Tenders or a RFQ that fits your business. Tenders and RFQ’s are advertised in various places, ranging from newspapers to websites. You can find the Government’s weekly Tender bulletins right HERE, unfortunately it’s usually over 200 pages long. Consequently, the easiest way to … Read more