What is an internal audit manager?

What Is an Internal Audit Manager?

An internal audit manager oversees audits conducted within a company for compliance. As an internal audit manager, you support the auditing team on a variety of internal audits, including financial, operational, and management review. You follow standard auditing procedure and ensure practices align with financial risk management best practices. Your duties include completing individual audit projects, conducting fieldwork, and reporting results. You analyze data through a variety of methods, including financial research and interviews. You ensure your company complies with the regulation of requirements and policies. Other responsibilities include assessing the legality of company practices.

What Are the Qualifications to Become an Internal Audit Manager?

There are several qualifications to become an internal audit manager, including a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, finance, or another closely related field. You need experience with conducting audits, which you can gain by working at a publicly traded or private company or an accounting firm. To work as an internal audit manager, you also need to earn a valid CPA certification, the process of which varies by state. You need strong project management and multitasking skills and the ability to stay organized. It’s beneficial to be an independent worker with solid business acumen and strong data analysis skills.