Hustlers University FAQs

Hustlers University, created by Andrew Tate, has garnered a lot of attention, both positive and negative. This guide aims to provide clarity on various aspects of Hustlers University, including its authenticity, courses, value, and more.

Hustlers University: Real or Fake?

Hustlers University is a real online educational platform. It was established by Andrew Tate, a former kickboxing champion and entrepreneur. The platform offers courses on business, finance, investing, e-commerce, and personal development. However, as with any online program, it is crucial to evaluate the content critically and consider whether it aligns with your personal goals and learning style.

Key Points:

  • Legitimate Platform: Hustlers University is a legitimate platform that provides various educational courses.
  • Creator Background: Andrew Tate has a controversial public persona, which may influence opinions about the platform.

Hustlers University Free Course

Hustlers University does not offer a free course. All courses and memberships require payment. However, they sometimes provide promotional materials, free webinars, or snippets of content to showcase what the platform offers.

Key Points:

  • No Free Courses: Membership and courses are paid.
  • Promotional Content: Free content may be available for promotional purposes.

Hustlers University Acceptance Rate

Hustlers University operates on a membership basis and does not have an acceptance rate in the traditional sense. Anyone who meets the payment requirements can join the platform. There are no stringent application processes or selective admissions.

Key Points:

  • Open Enrollment: No selective admission process; anyone who pays can join.
  • Membership-Based: Access is granted upon payment.

Hustlers University Location

Hustlers University is an entirely online platform, so there is no physical location. Members can access the courses and resources from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

Key Points:

  • Online Platform: Accessible globally, no physical location.
  • Remote Learning: Learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

Hustlers University Pyramid Scheme

There have been discussions and criticisms suggesting that Hustlers University operates similarly to a pyramid scheme. This is primarily due to its referral program, where members can earn commissions for bringing in new members. However, a pyramid scheme typically involves earning primarily through recruitment rather than providing actual value or products. Hustlers University offers educational content, which distinguishes it from a traditional pyramid scheme.

Key Points:

  • Referral Program: Members can earn commissions through referrals.
  • Educational Content: Provides courses and value, distinguishing it from a pyramid scheme.

Is Hustlers University Worth It?

Whether Hustlers University is worth it depends on individual goals and expectations. Some members report significant benefits, such as increased knowledge, business growth, and personal development. However, it is essential to critically assess the content and consider personal learning preferences and financial investment.

Key Points:

  • Subjective Value: Depends on individual goals and expectations.
  • Reported Benefits: Increased knowledge and business growth for some members.
  • Critical Assessment: Evaluate content and personal suitability.

Hustlers University Courses

Hustlers University offers a range of courses in several key areas:

Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Starting and scaling a business.
  • Marketing and sales strategies.
  • Business operations and management.

Financial Literacy

  • Budgeting and saving techniques.
  • Debt management.
  • Tax optimization.


  • Stock market basics and strategies.
  • Real estate investment.
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


  • Dropshipping basics.
  • Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).
  • Building and managing a Shopify store.

Personal Development and Mindset

  • Goal setting and achievement.
  • Productivity and time management.
  • Developing a success-oriented mindset.

Key Points:

  • Diverse Topics: Courses cover business, finance, investing, e-commerce, and personal development.
  • Practical Skills: Focus on practical skills and real-world applications.

What Does Hustlers University Teach?

Hustlers University aims to teach practical skills that can be applied to improve financial status, start and grow businesses, and develop personally. The curriculum is designed to provide actionable insights and strategies.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Entrepreneurship: Starting and scaling a business.
  • Financial Management: Budgeting, saving, and investing.
  • E-commerce: Running online businesses like dropshipping and Amazon FBA.
  • Personal Development: Enhancing productivity, mindset, and goal setting.


Hustlers University is an online educational platform that offers various courses aimed at improving business acumen, financial literacy, and personal development. It is a real platform with diverse content, though it has faced criticisms and allegations of operating similarly to a pyramid scheme due to its referral program. Whether it is worth it depends on individual needs and goals. As always, potential members should critically evaluate the content and consider their personal learning preferences before investing in the program.

For more detailed information and to sign up, visit the official Hustlers University website.