How do I pay my SFA bill?

SFA Payment Modes


General Information

All transactions with SFA will be deducted from the approved GIRO account. GIRO deduction from your designated bank account will be made every Friday for the previous week’s transactions. If the deduction falls on a public holiday, the deduction will be made on the next working day. Please ensure that you maintain sufficient balance in your bank account to facilitate the deduction. If the GIRO deduction is not successful, a failed GIRO notice will be sent to you.

A monthly GIRO statement consolidating the list of successful GIRO deductions will be sent to you in the following month.

DBS/POSB iBanking Customers

If you have an internet banking account with DBS/POSB, you can submit the application online directly to the bank by accessing your internet banking website. Please indicate your SFA customer reference number (UEN/NRIC/FIN) under the [Bill Reference] field when applying for GIRO.

Your GIRO application* will take an average of 5 working days to process.

Non-DBS/POSB iBanking Customers

Please click GIRO Form to download a copy of SFA’s GIRO application form. Please complete Part I only and send to us for processing.

Your GIRO application* will take an average of 4 to 6 weeks to process.

* Please continue to use your existing arrangement until you receive notification from us that your GIRO application has been approved.*

e-GIRO Statement

We strongly encourage GIRO customers to sign up for e-GIRO statements to receive your GIRO statement electronically. By signing up for e-GIRO statements, you will be able to receive your GIRO statement earlier, within 3 working days from the last GIRO deduction of the month. What’s more, you can also help to save the environment by reducing paper consumption.

Join us in our efforts to protect the environment. Please click e-GIRO to apply for e-GIRO statement. 

Payment at AXS station

You can also make payment via AXS stations located islandwide. Please select one of the following options when making payment at AXS station:

(a) Scan the barcode at the bottom of the invoice/ payment notice, or

(b) Enter your customer number (usually UEN/NRIC/FIN) to pay multiple invoices (up to 5) per payment attempt.

Electronic Payment

You can also choose to pay your transactions online. Please disable your pop-up blocker before proceeding.

  1. For transactions that are applied online via, please make payment via the website.
  2. For laboratory services that are applied online through SFA’s website, please click here
  3. For payment of invoices or composition fine, please make payment via AXS e-Station or AXS mobile app (m-Station), and select eServices » Government » SFA. Please have either your (i) customer number (usually UEN/NRIC/FIN), (ii) invoice number (e.g. 2010-1234567890) or (iii) composition case reference number ready.

Late payment charge

If payment is not made by the payment due date, a late payment charge of S$20 may be levied per invoice. This late payment charge is not applicable to invoices regulated by individual agreements.