GIRO Arrangements

General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO) is a convenient, paperless and cashless payment method which enables you to make hassle-free payments to billing organisations (BO) through your bank account.

GIRO is an automated electronic payment service where the amount will be automatically deducted from your DBS/POSB account and paid to your BO upon their request. All you need to do is to ensure that the designated bank account has sufficient funds before the deduction due date.

To avoid unsuccessful GIRO deductions due to insufficient funds, you are encouraged to ensure that your account has the required amount a day before the deduction date, e.g. funds should be deposited by 2359hrs on 9th of the month if the BO makes the deduction regularly on the 10th.

How do I setup?

You can apply via our online channels

You can also set up your GIRO Arrangements for DBS/POSB Credit Cards, StarHub Limited and IRAS via AXS (with d2pay). Otherwise, you can liaise with the respective BO for their GIRO application form.

How do I manage existing GIRO arrangements?

Internet Banking allows you to not only set up your GIRO arrangements, but also gives you the convenience to manage your arrangements whenever you need to. You can:

  • View GIRO Arrangements: A quick glance of all the GIRO arrangements that you currently already have set-up for selected or all accounts.

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  • Delete GIRO Arrangement: If no longer required, you can also easily terminate existing GIRO Arrangements without any hassle..

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If you do not have Internet Banking, simply submit this form to any of our DBS/POSB branches.