How can I get Singpass password?

How can I change my Singpass password?

To change your Singpass password: 
1.  Log into your account at Singpass Portal 

2.  Select ‘Change password‘ icon 

3.  Enter your current and new password, followed by a SMS One-Time Password to verify your new password.

I forgot my Singpass password. How do I reset it?

If you have set up your Singpass 2FA, you can reset your password instantly online: 

1.  Visit Singpass Portal

2.  Select ‘Services‘ on the top scroll bar 

3.  Select ‘Reset password‘ and enter your NRIC or FIN details, followed by your SMS One-Time Password 

4.  Create your new Singpass password
If you have not set up your Singpass 2FA, you may use Face Verification (only available on browsers of smart devices with camera). Alternatively, you may request for a PIN mailer to be sent to your registered residential address. You will receive your PIN mailer in 5 working days

I have not used Singpass for a while. Why do I have to reset my password?

If you have not logged into your Singpass account for a prolonged period of time, your account will be listed as dormant. This is part of the security measures in place to protect users’ account and personal data. 
To re-instate your account, simply visit Singpass Portal and reset your Singpass password.