Comprehensive Guide to the RE5 Certificate in South Africa

The RE5 Certificate is a critical component for professionals in the South African financial services sector. Here, we delve into what the RE5 certification entails, its importance, and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the RE5 Certificate?

The RE5 (Regulatory Examination 5) is a competency exam that representatives in the financial services industry must pass to comply with regulatory requirements. This certification is essential for individuals who sell or service financial products, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their roles ethically and competently.

RE5 vs. RE1

  • RE1 is designed for key individuals who are responsible for managing or overseeing the activities within the financial services industry.
  • RE5 is aimed at representatives who have direct interaction with clients, offering financial products and advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the RE5 certificate for?
  • It certifies that a representative has met the competency requirements to legally sell or service financial products in South Africa.
  1. How much does the RE5 exam cost?
  • The cost can vary, but typically it ranges from R1,200 to R1,500. Always check with the exam provider for the most current fee.
  1. How long does it take to study for the RE5 exam?
  • Preparation time can vary based on individual familiarity with the content, but on average, 2-3 weeks of dedicated study is recommended.
  1. What are the benefits of RE5?
  • Passing the RE5 enhances your credibility, fulfills regulatory requirements, and may improve employment prospects within the financial services industry.
  1. Who qualifies for RE5?
  • Any person acting as a representative in the financial services industry, selling or servicing financial products, needs to pass the RE5.
  1. How do you qualify for RE5?
  • You need a minimum of a Grade 12 certificate or NQF Level 4 qualification and must complete class of business training.
  1. Is the RE5 exam difficult?
  • The difficulty is subjective, but many find it challenging without proper preparation and understanding of the financial laws and ethical practices.
  1. What is the difference between RE1 and RE5 certificates?
  • RE1 is for key individuals (management/oversight roles), while RE5 is for representatives (direct client interaction).
  1. Can I do my RE5 online?
  • Yes, some providers offer online study options and resources, but the exam itself must be taken at an approved examination center.
  1. How do I pass my RE5 exam?
    • Attend a preparation workshop, study the provided materials thoroughly, practice with mock exams, and ensure a good understanding of the relevant laws and ethical practices.

Preparing for the RE5 Exam

  • Workshop Participation: Highly recommended for understanding the exam content and structure.
  • Study Material: Focus on the material provided in the workshop, which is comprehensive and tailored for the exam.
  • Mock Exams: Practice with mock exams to familiarize yourself with the exam format and identify areas needing improvement.
  • Study Plan: Create a study plan that allows you to cover all the material methodically, with time for review.

Exam Tips

  • Understand, Don’t Memorize: Focus on understanding concepts rather than rote memorization.
  • Time Management: Practice managing your time effectively to ensure you can complete all questions within the allotted time.
  • Read Carefully: Read each question and all possible answers carefully before selecting the best response.

Post-Workshop Support

  • Utilize Available Resources: Take advantage of post-workshop study support and resources provided by your preparation workshop provider.
  • Exam Registration Assistance: Seek help from your workshop provider if you encounter difficulties registering for the exam.


The RE5 certificate is an essential accreditation for financial service representatives in South Africa, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and promoting ethical practices in the industry. With proper preparation, including attending workshops, studying provided materials, and practicing with mock exams, candidates can significantly increase their chances of passing the RE5 exam on their first attempt.