A guide to Psira Registration

Understanding the PSIRA registration requirements for individuals is paramount for those seeking employment within South Africa’s private security industry. As overseen by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), adherence to these regulations ensures both the legality and quality of operations within the sector.

PSIRA Registration Requirements for Individuals:


Successful completion of a PSIRA-accredited training program is fundamental. This certification validates competence in your chosen security service category, equipping you with the necessary skills for effective performance.

Criminal Record:

Maintaining a clean legal background is essential. Applicants must furnish a police clearance certificate, affirming their lack of criminal convictions, thus upholding industry integrity by ensuring only trustworthy individuals gain registration.

Identity Documents:

Applicants must be either South African citizens or permanent residents, possessing valid South African identity documentation. This requirement validates legal residency, legitimizing the private security workforce.


A minimum age of 18 years is required to ensure applicants possess the requisite maturity and responsibility for security roles, aligning with the demanding nature of the industry.


A health assessment is mandatory to confirm fitness for duty, ensuring applicants are free from conditions hindering their ability to fulfill security responsibilities effectively.


Fingerprints, taken by either the South African Police Service or an accredited provider, aid in comprehensive background checks, reinforcing the industry’s commitment to safety and reliability.

Registration Fee:

Payment of a non-refundable registration fee, varying based on the intended security service category, is essential to finalize registration and enable legal operation within the private security sector.

Meeting these PSIRA registration requirements is crucial not only for legal compliance but also for maintaining the sector’s reputation as trustworthy and integral to South Africa’s safety and security framework. Whether an aspiring security professional or seeking career advancement, understanding and adhering to these requirements are the initial steps towards a successful and compliant career in private security.

Additional Information:

Training Requirements for PSIRA:

Completion of a PSIRA-accredited training program is a prerequisite for registration. The type of training varies based on the specific security service category, such as basic security officer training, event security training, asset protection training, VIP protection training, or CCTV operator training.

Criminal Record Checks:

Applicants must obtain a police clearance certificate, affirming a clean legal record devoid of convictions, which includes disqualifying factors like theft, assault, or white-collar crimes.

Identity Verification:

Valid South African citizenship or permanent residency, evidenced by appropriate documentation like national ID cards or passports, is necessary for identity verification during the registration process.

Age Requirements:

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, ensuring maturity and suitability for security roles, while underage applicants are strictly prohibited.

Health Conditions:

A health assessment is essential to ensure applicants are physically and mentally fit for security duties, with specific tests conducted to assess fitness levels and address any medical concerns.


Fingerprinting, facilitated by police stations, accredited agencies, or online services, serves as another layer of background verification, ensuring the integrity and legality of applicants.

Registration Fees:

Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee, the amount of which varies based on the intended security service category, ensuring the completion of the application process with PSIRA.

Upon meeting these requirements, applicants can proceed with the registration process, submitting the necessary documents and completing the PSIRA registration application form. Following submission, PSIRA conducts an assessment to ensure compliance with all requirements, with successful applicants receiving a PSIRA registration certificate valid for three years.

Compliance with PSIRA registration requirements is essential for anyone seeking employment in South Africa’s private security industry, demonstrating dedication to professionalism, ethical conduct, and regulatory compliance. For further clarification on any requirement, individuals are advised to seek guidance from PSIRA-accredited service providers or consult the PSIRA website for comprehensive information.