CEA Public Register

For example, you can check if your agent is registered through the public register. You can also download CEA forms required to engage a real estate agent.

If you’re interested to find out more about a certain topic, you can find a host of useful guides and brochures. These include tips on engaging a salesperson, buying foreign properties, and how to resolve disputes.

If you have specific questions that you need answers to, you can visit CEA’s FAQ page. The page is grouped into 17 categories and covers a wide range of topics ranging from rental transactions and commissions to regulation and consumer education.

What is the Purpose of the Public Register of Salespersons and Estate Agents?

  • Easily Search for Salespersons and Estate Agents
  • Get Details about a Salesperson
  • Get Details about an Estate Agent

erminology: Under the Estate Agents Act

  • ‘Salespersons’ refer to individuals who perform estate agency work. They are commonly known as property agents.
  • ‘Estate agents’ refer to estate agency businesses (sole proprietors, partnerships and companies) who do estate agency work. Estate agents are commonly known as property agencies.

The Public Register enables members of the public to make an informed decision when choosing a salesperson or estate agent. Through the register, the public can:

  • Check whether a person is a registered salesperson.
  • Check whether a real estate agent is a licensed estate agent.

Salespersons and estate agents must have a valid licence or registration granted by the CEA before they are allowed to conduct estate agency work.

In the Public Register, the validity period of an estate agent’s licence or a salesperson’s registration is shown against the name of the estate agent or salesperson. The licensing and registration information in the Public Register is updated daily.