CEA Website

What Does the CEA Do? 

CEA’s mission is to strengthen the professionalism of the real estate agency industry and to protect the welfare of consumers. CEA aims to do so by working with the industry on development programmes, as well as educating the public through a variety of schemes.

According to CEA’s official website, their responsibilities include:

  • Administer licensing regime for estate agents, including the registration of salespersons applied through licensed estate agents;
  • Regulate and control the practice of estate agents and salespersons in estate agency transactions;
  • Promote the integrity and competence of estate agents and salespersons through the Code of Practice, and Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care;
  • Develop measures to equip consumers with the necessary knowledge to conduct their real estate transactions prudently and with due diligence;
  • Conduct investigation and disciplinary proceedings in relation to offences and unsatisfactory conduct or misconduct in relation to estate agency work;
  • Administer the examination and continuing professional development framework

Specifically, these are the key elements of the CEA’s regulatory framework. The CEA… 

1. Oversees the Licensing for Estate Agents

The CEA ensures Appointed Key Executive Officer (KEO) and business entities are properly registered, experienced, qualified and have a good track record. 

2. Manages the Registration of Salespersons Through Their Agents

The CEA ensures estate salespersons are qualified and have a good track record. 

3. Regulates the Conduct of Estate Agency Work

The CEA ensures good conduct among industry members, with the Code of Practice, Ethics and Professional Client Care, and standard prescribed estate agency agreements. 

4. Sets Up Mechanisms for Discipline and Dispute Resolution

The CEA also manages disciplinary actions such as warnings, fines, suspension and revocation, and have in place dedicated dispute resolution mechanisms that cover mediation and arbitration. 

5. Helps With Public Education

Finally, the CEA helps with public education through the Estate Agent Card, Online Public Register of agents and salespersons, as well as seminars, forums and online consumer guides for the public.