Can I get a copy of my ID online in South Africa?

This service is rendered by the Department of Home Affairs.  Information on how to apply for an identity document is available on the Services section of this website in all South African official languages. 

You can also apply for your ID using the online service at

Accessing ID-Related Services Online

1. ID Application Status

You can check the status of your ID application online through the DHA website. This service allows you to track the progress of your new or replacement ID application.

2. eHomeAffairs

The eHomeAffairs platform enables South African citizens to apply for their Smart ID cards and passports, book appointments at Home Affairs offices, and perform other related services online. While it doesn’t provide a digital copy of your ID, it’s a crucial tool for managing aspects of your identity documentation without visiting a Home Affairs office in person.

Steps to Obtain a Replacement ID

If you’ve lost your ID or need a replacement for any reason, here’s how you can apply for one:

1. Report the Loss (if applicable)

  • If your ID has been lost, stolen, or damaged, it’s important to report the incident to the South African Police Service (SAPS) and obtain a case number. This will be needed for your application for a replacement ID.

2. Visit a Department of Home Affairs Office or Bank

  • While the initial reporting can’t be done entirely online, you can use the eHomeAffairs website to facilitate the process. You’ll need to visit a Home Affairs office or one of the participating banks if you’re applying for a Smart ID card.

3. Complete the Application

  • Fill out the BI-9 form, available at Home Affairs offices or online, which is required for applying for an ID for the first time or requesting a re-issue.

4. Submit Required Documents and Pay the Fee

  • You will need to provide your birth certificate, a copy of your police report (if your previous ID was lost or stolen), and pay the prescribed fee for a replacement ID. The fee amount and accepted payment methods can be found on the DHA website or obtained directly from the office.

5. Biometrics

  • As part of the application process for a replacement ID, you’ll need to have your fingerprints taken and a photograph captured, which must be done in person.

Online Verification Services

For verification purposes or when you need to prove your identity online, certain services and third-party platforms may offer online ID verification. This typically involves entering your ID number and possibly other personal information. While not a copy of your ID, these services can help confirm your identity for various online applications and registrations.

While you cannot obtain a digital copy of your South African ID online, the Department of Home Affairs offers several online services to manage your ID application and other related needs. For a replacement ID, you will need to follow the official application process, which includes in-person steps. Always ensure that your personal information is secure when accessing ID-related services online and follow the latest updates from the DHA for any new services or changes to existing procedures.