Can I continue ESI after leaving job?

It is a common question for most of the ESIC members that after resignation ESIC card valid or not? and how long ESIC benefits could be taken after resigning a job? Here we will find answers for all these questions. ESIC card is also known as E Pehchan card. Every ESIC member who is contributing to the ESIC scheme can get their ESIC Pehchan card from their employer. Your employer will download your ESI Card and there is no need to visit ESIC office for photographs.

” Any ESIC card is valid until the end of the corresponding ESIC benefit period, but the eligibility for various ESIC benefits depends on the ESIC contribution made in contribution period”.

Validity of ESIC Card After Resignation

Before knowing about the complete details of the validity of ESIC card after resigning the job, we have to know about what is ESIC contribution period and ESIC beneficiary period.

  • ESIC contribution period is divided into Two parts 1 April to 30 September and 1 October to 31 March.
  • ESIC Beneficiary period is also divided into Two parts 1 January to 30 June and 1 July to 31 September.
Contribution PeriodBenefit Period
1 April to 30 September1 January to 30 June
1 October to 31 March1 July to 31 September

For medical treatment, ESIC card is valid from the first date of insurable employment to last date of the corresponding benefit period. For other ESIC cash benefits, ESIC member should need to have a minimum contribution period so that he/she can avail ESIC benefits in the corresponding benefit period.

  • Don’t get confused you can get ESIC medical treatment even if you have contributed for ESIC for 1 day also. Even if you resign after contributing to ESIC  for One day then also you are eligible for ESIC medical treatment until the end of contribution period and again in the benefit period.
  • But for cash benefits you need minimum contribution period, if you have minimum contribution period then you can avail ESIC cash benefits in the benefit period. Even if you resign also it doesn’t matter, if you have required contribution period then you can avail ESIC cash benefits before the end of the corresponding benefit period.

If you don’t understand above contribution period and benefit period concept, still you don’t need to worry. You can simply check whether you are eligible for particular ESIC benefit or not in online at ESIC IP portal.

ESIC Benefits Eligibility Checking Even After Resignation

Step 1:-  To check eligibility for ESIC benefits even after resignation, go to ESIC IP portal and login with your ESIC IP number and captcha appearing on the screen.

After resignation ESIC card valid or not

Step 2:- Now in home page there is an option called entitlement to benefits under the employee section, now click on that.

Eligibility for ESIC Benefits Affter Resignation

Step 3:- Now you can see the list of all the ESIC benefits along with the status that whether you are eligible for that particular ESIC benefit or not.

How long esic benefits could be taken after resignation

How to Reactivate ESIC card

In order to reactivate your ESI Pehchan card, you need to give your old ESIC number to your new employer. Your ESIC card will be reactivated when your new employer pays your ESIC contribution.