Anchorlite College Courses

Anchorlite College is a private training college in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa with campus in Durban. Boasting over 40 years of excellence, Anchorlite College aims to be a provider of superior education. Here are some of the courses offered by Anchorlite College:

Certificate Courses

  • National Certificate: Engineering Studies (N1, N2, N3)
  • National Certificate: Management Assistant (N4, N5 & N6)
  • National Certificate: Public Management (N4, N5 & N6)
  • National Certificate: Public Relations (N4, N5 & N6)
  • National Certificate: Business Management (N4, N5 & N6)
  • National Certificate: Human Resource Management (N4, N5 & N6)
  • National Certificate: Engineering Studies (N1, N2 & N3)
  • National Certificate: Engineering Studies (N4, N5 & N6)

Diploma Courses

  • National Diploma in Public Administration (Public Administration)
  • National Diploma in Marketing Management (Marketing Management)
  • National Diploma in Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management)
  • National Diploma in Business Management (Business Management)

For a more comprehensive list of courses, course details and further information, you can visit their official website or contact the institution directly.