A Guide to Uber Eats Driver Registration in South Africa

Ready to hit the South African roads and deliver delicious meals with Uber Eats? This guide will walk you through the registration process, ensuring a smooth start to your earning journey in Mzansi!


  • Minimum Age: 21 years old (South African regulation).
  • Valid Driver’s License: A valid South African Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) is required.
  • Vehicle: Must be a car, motorbike (above 125cc), or certain kei cars (refer to Uber Eats website for specifics).
  • Vehicle Registration: Proof of ownership and registration for your chosen vehicle.
  • Insurance: Valid liability insurance that covers deliveries. Consider optional commercial insurance as well.
  • Right to Work: You must be legally authorized to work in South Africa.
  • Smartphone: A compatible smartphone with the Uber Driver app is essential.

Registration Process:

  1. Visit the Uber Eats website: Head to https://www.uber.com/za/en/deliver/ and navigate to the “Become a Driver” section.
  2. Sign Up: Provide your basic information, including your name, email address, and phone number.
  3. Choose Your Delivery Method: Select the vehicle type you’ll be using (car, motorbike, kei car).
  4. Upload Documents: Submit clear photos or scans of your:
    • South African Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) – Front of the card or temporary license with a PrDP endorsement.
    • South African ID or Passport – Front of the document with no glare.
  5. Safety Screening: You’ll need a clear background check document. This can be obtained from any PostNet outlet.
  6. Driving Evaluation: This is only required for drivers in Cape Town (CPT), Johannesburg (JHB), and Durban (DBN). You can get this done at a DEKRA or Tiger Wheel & Tyre location.
  7. Vehicle Inspection Report: Visit any DEKRA or Tiger Wheel & Tyre location and request an Uber Eats inspection report for your vehicle.
  8. Review and Accept Terms: Carefully review the terms and conditions before accepting them.
  9. Download the App: Once approved, download the Uber Driver app from the App Store or Google Play.
  10. Complete Onboarding: The app might have additional steps for onboarding, including a short safety quiz.

Additional Tips:

  • Review Local By-Laws: Familiarize yourself with any local by-laws or permits required for delivery driving in your area.
  • Prepare Your Ride: Ensure your vehicle is clean, well-maintained, and meets any specific requirements outlined by Uber Eats.
  • Get a Phone Mount: A phone mount is crucial for safely navigating while delivering.
  • Invest in a Delivery Bag: Having a designated insulated bag for food is recommended to maintain quality.

With these steps and a bit of preparation, you’ll be cruising the streets and delivering smiles (and delicious food) as a successful Uber Eats driver in South Africa!