When does Parenting Payment Stop

The Parenting Payment in Australia can stop under various circumstances. Here are some common reasons why Parenting Payment may cease:

  1. The child reaches a certain age: Parenting Payment is typically provided until the youngest child in your care reaches 8 years old. However, the Government will expand eligibility for Parenting Payment Single by allowing single parents to remain eligible until their youngest child turns 14; up from the current cut-off age of 8. The change is intended to commence on 20 September 2023.
  2. Changes in personal circumstances: Certain changes in your personal circumstances can affect your eligibility for Parenting Payment. For example, if you start living with a partner or remarry, your eligibility for Parenting Payment may cease. Other changes, such as an increase in income or assets that exceed the limits, may also impact your eligibility.
  3. Employment: If you start working and earn income above the allowable thresholds, your Parenting Payment may be reduced or cease altogether. The specific income limits and requirements can vary, so it is important to check the current guidelines to understand how employment affects your payment.
  4. Failing to meet requirements: Parenting Payment recipients may have additional obligations, such as participation requirements in activities like ParentsNext or mutual obligation requirements. Failing to meet these obligations without valid reasons can result in the suspension or cancellation of your payment.
    • The Government has announced, however, that it intends to abolish the ParentsNext employment program from 1 July 2024 and develop a replacement voluntary program. Compulsory participation requirements for current participants have been paused from 5 May, but eligible parents may still volunteer to participate.
  5. Expiration of visa or residency status: If you are on a temporary visa and your visa expires or your residency status changes, it may impact your eligibility for Parenting Payment.

These are just some of the common circumstances that can result in the cessation of Parenting Payment. It is important to regularly update your circumstances with Services Australia and ensure compliance with any requirements to avoid any interruptions or incorrect payments.

For the most up-to-date information regarding your specific situation, it is recommended to contact Services Australia directly or visit their official website.