What is IMDA grant Singapore?

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) has simplified its industry funding schemes from 46 to five, effective today. The MDA Grant Schemes, which seek to position the media industry for the future, are a result of a series of consultations with the industry from the start of the year. The Schemes also seek to meet the evolving needs of the industry at five key stages of growth from ideation, production, marketing, talent up-skilling to enterprise development. The MDA Grant Schemes are applicable to all seven sectors of the media industry;Broadcast, Animation, Film, Music, Interactive Media, Games and Publishing.

Funding is in the form of grants, which encourages media companies and individuals to own and more fully capitalise on the Intellectual Property of their product, service or solution, and to do so across different media platforms as well.

A total of S$88m has been set aside for the five schemes. Existing projects under the 46 schemes will continue to be serviced to completion.

The Five Schemes At a G​​​​lance


1) Development A​​ssistance

This Scheme supports the creation and research &development of for instance, a feature script, sizzle reel, game design, electronic music press kit or manuscript. It recognises the development of good ideas as a productive and important first step to any strong media product or offering that will resonate with the market. The grants under Development Assistance help companies and individuals bring their ideas and concepts to a level where they can more easily garner the interest of investors to finance its actual production.

2) Production As​sistance

This Scheme supports the production of a diverse range of Singapore-made media content, applications and services, such as an animated TV series, a complete film, fully playable game, mobile application or music composition. Content 360 ready, this Scheme encourages companies to produce across different platforms for greater IP exploitation. It also encourages productions that highlight Singapore talents in credited roles, spur Singapore spend, and contain a sustainable pipeline of projects.

3) Marketing As​​sistance

This Scheme provides grants to help companies and individuals market their content offering to target audiences. It supports travel, marketing and promotion expenses, and helps grow demand for Singapore-produced content at media-related trade and market events, festivals and competitions.

​​4) Talent Assistance

This Scheme helps media professionals, whether employees or freelancers, to upgrade, up-skill and secure local or overseas work attachment opportunities. It supports training programmes under the Creative Industries Workforce Skill Qualifications (CI WSQ) framework as well as media-related courses provided by appointed training partners of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). Those interested in specialised media training not available under the CI WSQ can apply to MDA for support. Creative Industries Scholarships for undergraduate or post-graduate studies are also supported under Talent Assistance.http://app.cischolarship.sg

5) Enterprise A​ssistance

This Scheme aims to grow high potential, scalable and innovative media enterprises. It encourages enterprise development and seeks to help companies build capabilities and develop sustainable competitive advantage for long-term growth.