What does Mercedes Benz bursary cover

Bursaries from prestigious companies like Mercedes-Benz generally offer comprehensive financial support to help students pursue their tertiary education dreams. The coverage includes the following components:

  1. Tuition Fees: The bursary often covers the cost of tuition fees, which are the fees charged by the educational institution for the academic program the student is enrolled in.
  2. Accommodation: The bursary provides funding to cover the costs of student accommodation, including residence fees or rental costs, depending on the student’s circumstances.
  3. Textbooks and Learning Materials: Mercedes-Benz bursaries include support for the purchase of prescribed textbooks and other required learning materials essential for the student’s academic program.
  4. Living Expenses: Bursary recipients may receive a stipend or living allowance to help cover day-to-day living expenses. This can include costs such as meals, transportation, and personal expenses.
  5. Digital allowance: Some bursary programs, including those offered by tech-focused companies like Mercedes-Benz, includes a technology allowance to assist students in acquiring laptops or other essential technology for their studies.
  6. Mentorship and Support Programs: In addition to financial assistance, bursary recipients may have access to mentorship programs, career guidance, and other support services to enhance their academic and professional development.

It’s essential to note that the exact coverage provided by the Mercedes-Benz Bursary may change from year to year, and specific terms and conditions may apply. The coverage and availability of funds depend on the program’s budget and the number of eligible recipients.

For the most current and detailed information on what the Mercedes-Benz Bursary covers, including specific application dates and requirements, it is recommended to visit the official Mercedes-Benz South Africa website or contact the program directly through the provided contact information on their website.