What does Denosa bursary cover

The DENOSA bursaries cover nursing and health-related courses at the various levels of education as shown below:

  • Bridging courses and short courses
  • Community nursing science
  • Community health nursing, psychiatric nursing, and geriatric nursing
  • Postgraduate studies (at a University or Technikon)
  • Clinical Master’s degree program

However, the bursary award will only cover a small portion of tertiary expenses; therefore students are required to have funding for the shortfall.

Bursary recipients will be required to reapply for funding each year, and funding will be granted based on academic performance.

Bursary recipients must submit progress reports to the secretary, by no later than 14 February each year, until the end of the course of study.

For any inquiries related to this bursary program, you can also contact DENOSA Bursary directly through their official website.