What does Bankseta bursary cover?

The BankSETA (Banking Sector Education and Training Authority) bursary covers various aspects to support students pursuing studies within the banking and financial sector in South Africa. Here are some typical components that  BankSETA bursary covers:

  1. Tuition fees: The bursary usually covers all or a portion of the tuition fees for the approved course or degree.
  2. Registration fees: It may cover the initial registration fees required by the educational institution.
  3. Accommodation:The bursary offers a stipend or allowance to help with accommodation expenses, especially for students studying away from home.
  4. Books and study materials: BankSETA bursaries often provide support for purchasing necessary textbooks and study materials.
  5. Meals: A meal allowance is included to assist with food expenses while studying.
  6. Mentorship and support: BankSETA bursaries often offer additional support, such as mentorship programs and networking opportunities within the banking sector.

Please note that BANKSETA does not directly recruit students to be part of the scholarship holders receiving a BANKSETA scholarship. According to the minimum criteria also laid down by BANKSETA, each University has its criteria for selecting learners to be part of the bursary.