What does an occupational therapist do for a child

An occupational therapist (OT) works with children to help them develop the skills they need to participate in their daily activities, also known as “occupations.” These activities may include self-care tasks such as dressing, eating, and grooming; play and leisure activities; and academic tasks such as writing and cutting with scissors.

An OT will typically conduct an assessment of a child’s abilities and needs, and then develop an individualized treatment plan to help the child improve their skills. This may include exercises and activities to improve fine and gross motor coordination, sensory processing, and cognitive skills. They also may use adaptive equipment and technology to help the child participate in activities.

OTs also work with parents, teachers, and other professionals to provide support and education in order to help the child succeed in their daily activities both in home and school environments. They may also provide recommendations for modifications or accommodations that can be made to the child’s environment to help them participate more fully.

In summary, occupational therapists help children with various needs such as physical, cognitive and sensory, to develop skills that enable them to participate in their daily activities and routines, and to improve their independence and quality of life.