What applications are included in Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of software applications for creative professionals, designers, photographers, and video editors. The applications included in Adobe Creative Cloud are:

  1. Photoshop – for image editing, compositing, and digital painting
  2. Illustrator – for vector graphics and illustrations
  3. InDesign – for page layout and design
  4. Acrobat – for creating, editing, and signing PDFs
  5. Premiere Pro – for video editing and post-production
  6. After Effects – for motion graphics and visual effects
  7. Lightroom – for photo editing and organization
  8. Dreamweaver – for web design and development
  9. Animate – for animation and interactive media
  10. Audition – for audio editing and post-production
  11. Character Animator – for character animation
  12. Dimension – for 3D design and visualization
  13. Media Encoder – for media encoding and transcoding
  14. Bridge – for media management and organization

These applications are constantly updated and new ones may be added to the suite over time.