What age does carer’s allowance stop?

In Australia, Carer’s Allowance generally stops when the care recipient no longer meets the eligibility criteria or when the carer’s circumstances change. The specific age at which Carer’s Allowance stops can vary depending on the circumstances. Here are a few scenarios:

Care Recipient No Longer Eligible:
Carer’s Allowance may stop if the care recipient’s condition improves or changes in a way that they no longer meet the requirements for the allowance.

Care Recipient Reaches a Certain Age:
If the care recipient reaches the age of eligibility for the Age Pension or other relevant payments, the Carer’s Allowance may cease. The specific age depends on the type of payment the care recipient becomes eligible for.

Carer’s Circumstances Change:
If the carer’s circumstances change, such as no longer providing care or their income/assets exceed the thresholds, the Carer’s Allowance may be affected or cease.

It’s important to note that eligibility and payment rules for Carer’s Allowance may change over time, and it’s always recommended to check the current guidelines and regulations provided by the Department of Human Services or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information regarding the cessation of Carer’s Allowance.