Think Tank Training Centre Job Placement

Think Tank Training Centre has a good reputation for helping graduates find employment in the visual effects, animation, and game design industries. The school has partnerships with leading industry companies and provides students with access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as hands-on training that prepares them for careers in these fields.

While the school does not guarantee job placement for graduates, it provides career services and support to help students and alumni find employment opportunities. This includes job placement assistance, resume and portfolio development, networking opportunities, and industry-specific job search resources.

Many Think Tank Training Centre graduates have gone on to work for top companies in the visual effects, animation, and game design industries, such as Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, and Electronic Arts. The school also has a strong alumni network that can provide support and guidance to current students and recent graduates in their job search.

Overall, while job placement cannot be guaranteed, Think Tank Training Centre provides students with the education, training, and support needed to succeed in the competitive visual effects, animation, and game design industries.