Real estate agent salary South Africa

The salary of a real estate agent in South Africa can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the size of the agency or company they work for.

Real estate agents in South Africa typically earn a commission on the properties they sell. Commission rates vary by agency, but they typically range from 3-7% of the sale price. The commission is usually split between the agent and the agency. For example, if the commission rate is 5% and the sale price of the property is R1,000,000, the agent would earn R50,000 and the agency would earn R50,000.

Since commission is the main income for real estate agents, the amount of money they earn can vary widely depending on the number of properties they sell and the price of those properties. A newer agent may only make a few sales per month while a more experienced agent may make several sales a week.

Some real estate agents work on a salary-plus-commission basis, receiving a basic salary plus a commission on the properties they sell. But this is not very common in South Africa, most of the agents works on a commission-based only.

Real estate agents working in major urban areas such as Johannesburg or Cape Town may earn more than those working in rural areas or smaller towns.

It is worth to mention that the earning potential for successful real estate agents can be quite high, but it also requires a significant amount of hard work, determination and the ability to work independently.