Philhealth MDR

What is Philhealth MDR?

MDR stands for Member Data Record issued by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation. It is usually requested by hospitals, clinics, and physicians for patients or beneficiaries of Philhealth members. MDR provides updated records of the member’s prolific information, including membership category, basic bio, dependents, Philhealth Identification Number (PIN), and Philhealth Employer Number (PEN).

Who Needs Philhealth MDR Forms?

Philhealth MDR forms are required for different purposes, including pre-employment requirements, updating membership records, verification, and availing benefits due to hospitalization and confinement. The following usually request this form:

  • Philhealth members
  • Beneficiaries or dependents of members
  • Employers
  • Hospitals, clinics, and doctors

How to Get Philhealth MDR Form Online in 2 Minutes (with Pictures)

Step 1: Visit Philhealth Online Services

Head over to the official website of Philhealth then select the “Online Services” from the given menu tabs. Below is the latest screenshot to do just that.

how to get philhealth mdr online step 1

Step 2: Select Member Inquiry

Now you will see some important icons under the Membership online services. Tap the orange icon, which says “Member Inquiry.” This function enables Philhealth members to check the accuracy of their membership details.

philhealth member inquiry step 2

Step 3: Register or Log in to your Account

Press “Register” if you don’t currently have an existing Member Inquiry account. Otherwise, input your PIN and password and proceed to log in if you already have an account.

check philhealth mdr online step 3

Step 4: Choose MDR Printing

You will now see your membership records main dashboard. You must check each detail to make sure they are correct and updated according to your latest civil status, employment background, and list of dependents.

print mdr online

Step 5: Print out your MDR Form

You may save or download a copy of your Philhealth MDR form, but it is always recommended to print out a copy which is necessary when availing and claiming Philhealth benefits. Check your Philhealth MDR online to see if your information are updated.

If you want to change, alter, add, amend, or correct anything, follow the steps for updating below.

Can I update my PhilHealth MDR online?

Having your PhilHealth information regularly updated is a good thing as it allows you to transact and claim for benefits without unnecessary headaches. And as you’ve seen above, the Member Data Record (MDR) is one of the primary items needed to make a successful claim.

Here’s the fastest way to update your MDR:

  1. Visit the Philhealth website. Download a copy of the Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF). Here’s a link to the actual item
  2. Tick the box on the upper right hand of the page that says, “For Updating” (so they’ll know you’re not a new enrollee)
  3. Complete all required information on the form and double check for accuracy.
  4. Download a copy of the completed form and attach it to an email. Send the email to
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation that you’re MDR has been updated via email so make sure to check your inbox. (Pro tip: Check your SPAM folder as it can get routed there)