Low income healthcare card calculator

Your Low Income Card calculations are based on your average weekly assessable income for the eight weeks immediately before claiming. The eight-week assessment period ends on the new claim date.

For example: if you lodge a claim on 1 January 2023, then you must provide the last eight weeks of income that you have earned. The eight-week period up until your new claim date of  1 March 2023 would be from 6 January 2023 to 1 March 2023.

Note: You do not need to include income from financial investments (bank accounts, shares etc.) which you have already declared your claim

Low income healthcare card calculations are as follows

  • Self-Employment – If you do not earn income from self-employment, leave this field as $0.
  • Wages or salary (including salary sacrificed contributions to superannuation) – If you do not earn income from paid employment leave this field as $0.
  • Government payments – You need to list all Government payments and amounts (except for Family Tax Benefit).
  • Scholarships or bursaries
  • Sporting or match payments
  • Other – Examples of ‘other’ income include:
    • Income from property such as rent;
    • Regular gifts or annuities
    • Workers’ compensation