Is the mother or father responsible for Edwards syndrome?

Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18) is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 18. This extra chromosome is usually the result of a random error during the formation of either the egg or the sperm, and it is not typically caused by anything that the mother or father did or did not do.

Therefore, neither the mother nor the father is solely responsible for Edwards syndrome.

The risk of having a child with Edwards syndrome increases with the mother’s age, but it can occur in women of any age. Additionally, the risk of having a child with Edwards syndrome is slightly higher for fathers who are older than 40 years of age.

However, the majority of cases of Edwards syndrome occur in pregnancies where there is no known risk factor.

It’s important to note that Edwards syndrome is a rare and serious condition that can cause a range of health problems and developmental delays. If you have concerns about the risk of Edwards syndrome, you should speak with a genetic counselor or healthcare provider for more information and guidance.