Is Ludumo Nursing School Registered

In South Africa, nursing institutions should be registered with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) in order to operate legally. The South African Nursing Council is the regulatory body for the nursing profession in South Africa and is responsible for the registration and regulation of nursing education and training institutions.

The SANC sets standards and guidelines for nursing education programs, approves and monitors nursing qualifications, and ensures that nursing institutions meet the required criteria for quality education and training. The council also maintains a register of qualified nurses and nursing institutions in South Africa.

When considering a nursing institution in South Africa, it is important to ensure that it is registered with the South African Nursing Council. You can verify the registration status of a nursing institution by visiting the SANC’s official website at or contacting them directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Contact numbers:
National: 012 420-1000
Inter: +27 12 420-1000

Once you visit the website, look for the ‘Lists of Accredited Nursing Education Institutions’ PDFs and open to see whether or not your desired nursing institution is registered or accredited.

By choosing a registered nursing institution, you can be confident that the institution meets the necessary standards and that your qualification will be recognized by the nursing regulatory body in South Africa.