Is Edutel internationally Recognised?

Edutel is primarily a South African institution, and its courses and qualifications are recognized within South Africa. However, some of the courses offered by Edutel are internationally recognized, depending on the accreditation and recognition of the relevant professional bodies and industry associations.

For example, the IT courses offered by Edutel, such as the CompTIA A+, N+, and Security+, and the Cisco CCNA, are internationally recognized certifications that are highly valued by employers in the IT industry. Similarly, the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course offered by Edutel is recognized worldwide and can provide opportunities for teaching English overseas.

It is important to note that the recognition of Edutel courses and qualifications outside of South Africa will depend on the specific country, institution, or employer. It is always recommended that students research and confirm the recognition of a particular course or qualification in the country or industry they plan to work in before enrolling.